The Dharmayudh Against Black Money and the Political Gimmick of the Opposition

Sunil Sharma

Modi has started a jihad, er … sorry, dharmayudh against black money for the poor! Really ? At least the PM claims so. But the country, after his government’s decision of demonetizing 500-1000 rupee currencies seems still not able to come out of the turmoil. Particularly noticeable is the fact that the so-called common masses – the lower rung of society, the workers and toilers and the lower middle-class is still to absorb the sudden jerk created by the  government’s decision and is still running in search of ATMs or banks to get some cash for their daily living. Amidst this there is the usual obnoxious mud-slinging of the political parties. Bunches of leaders on both sides, the ruling parties and the opposition, are creating so much commotion that instead of enabling us to comprehend the real essence of this dharmayudh, it only serves the purpose of creating diversion. While the opposition leaders are ridiculously trying to put up a pretence of great concern for the public, they seem to be unashamedly oblivious of their own putrid, corrupt past.  On the other hand the Modi led BJP-NDA government is posing as a great anti black-money crusader, once again invoking the masses in the name of “desh bhakti” through slogans like ‘aap note nahin badal rahe hain, desh badal rahe hain’.

To understand the truth let us leave aside this mud-slinging of the leaders. What  matters much more is how in actual terms does this demonetization of `500 and 1000 currencies act as an effective step against the huge amount of black money in circulation in the country’s economy and linked to it abroad? Lots as public perception prevails, who frequently come face to face with abundance of corrupt local traders, thekedars, political leaders, the real estate dealers and promoters, the government officials pocketing sweeteners etc in every step of their daily lives. They are always victims of it. Many are now feeling that up till now it there have been only talks and promises about getting hold of black money and it is now only with this demonetization move the government has acted for the first time in some way. The question naturally arises, will that corrupt money, which the rulers of this capitalist system in our country term as “black money”, be actually recovered from this move? And if black money is really recovered with that will corruption be eradicated from society? Will the sources of black money be eradicated also thus putting an end to further generation of it?  Even the advanced, rich countries like the United States have still not been able to become cashless and in our country till now 53% of the people do not have even bank accounts. How much truth is there in such promises of the ruling party leaders, the Prime Minister, that cashless society will be a black money ridden society? And how much is it possible to become a cashless country? Is there some other motive behind such talks and promises? There are many such questions that need to be thought over.

But in this article only one question related to this black money puzzle is being put forward for the readers, that is, standing on which society and economy is Prime Minister Modi talking of launching an all-out fight against black money? And in relation to that what does his demonetization move in effect amount to? In terms of amount actually it is miniscule in relation to the total black money quantum, miniscule in comparison with the safer possessions of gold, jewellery, real estate properties and investments that are generally acquired using black money within the country and abroad. Estimates say it is just 6% of the total black money amount.  Considering the big corporate’s share in this black money accumulation puzzle — a study by Global Finance Integrity estimates big capitalists’ corporate tax evasion is responsible for 60% of overall black income, criminal activities are responsible for 35%, while corruption, which has caused much furore in India, accounts for only 5%. Even the percentage which is involved in criminal activities is tied in many ways to the official ‘white’ economy and it gives rise to emergence of new capitalist empires based on the power and clout of their fraudulently acquired capital. This is one of the known paths of accumulation and emergence of official ‘white’ capital and its owner. It is really surprising to see that till yesterday tax evasions of myriad varieties adopted by the corporate big capitalists like round-tripping, over and under invoicing, utilizing tax-havens in foreign lands was at the centre of the black money being targeted for recovery. Even the established celebrities of this society like film stars, players, politicians, officials stash money abroad in tax-havens and dubious companies which were much in the discussion for bringing back the black money.  Then why suddenly target a 6% black money sector within the country and that also in monetary notes leaving aside the bigger 60% and even 35% sectors?

Further when we are talking of acting against corrupt, usurped money, naturally we are also faced with the question, is it “black money” as defined by the prevailing laws as “unaccounted money for which tax has not been paid” that is only corrupt and carrying out fraud on the people of this society?  What about lobbying, nepotism, kick-offs to acquire arms manufacturers’ or other capitalists’ contracts? Facts show that capitalism co-opts many of this unaccounted and hence black money into the official system legalizing them within its fold in the name of “transparency”. Thus lobbying for contracts, as Nira Radia did on behalf of Reliance and TATA,  to influence the government on the 2-G, 3-G spectrum issues (even ministers were sought to be changed) is illegal in this country while it is legal in the US. Similarly lobbying in elections for a candidate through financial help and promotion occurs in India as an openly secret event while in a number of developed countries the capitalists openly finance their chosen candidates. Many such restrictions of law that existed till a few years back even within this country has been withdrawn or relaxed by the government for the benefit of the capitalists viz – regarding money remittances abroad, investing in the country without disclosing identity (p-notes), amnesty schemes declared from time to time for depositing black money converting it into so-called white with minimum of tax and punishment. The capitalist media themselves discuss about eminent people of the capitalist officialdom like Kaushik Basu, the chief economist of the World Bank and former chief economic adviser to the Indian government, claiming that he has devised a particularly clever and radical way of rooting out corruption – legalising bribery.

In such a reality of all pervasive spread of black-white, round-tripping and by-passing to accumulate wealth and capital, Modi government’s demonetization move is merely a mockery of what should be done to really weed out “black money”, a diversion from what is really sucking and draining out the society, the masses, without questioning the very way of functioning of the capitalist system as a whole.  That is why after much tough postures and grunting in defense of  demonetization and warnings of  further actions for a month the government had to declare another ‘fair and lovely scheme’. A few years ago another  established economist Bibek Debroy, one of the important members of the Modi government’s  Niti Aayog, did not hesitate to say – “I hate the terms ‘black economy’ and ‘black money’,”….. “Their use suggests that the world of finance is neatly divided into black and white, and the twain never meet. The distinction between the colours of money is actually blurring — black becomes white and vice-versa.” [24 September 2011, The Unhurried Man’s Guide to Black Money, BY Alam Srinivas, The Open Magazine]. Hence those who are truly against unfairly accumulated, usurped money, they must also come out recognizing accumulation of this as an inherent, endemic disease of capitalism, whether be it illegal or legal, in accordance with the diverse laws that differ from country to country. Thus stealing a line from Shakespeare – for capitalism it can be aptly said, “Fair is foul and foul is fair, Hover through the fog and filthy air”.

But in recognizing that they must note that even the capitalist system throughout the world is often heard to criticize the unbridled amassing of wealth and properties by a few, against “casino capitalism” making quick money through loot and gamble, against the decline of the condition of the masses everywhere – the increasing gap between those called “filthily rich” and the pauperized masses. The stolen asset recovery initiative, a programme of the World Bank and the United Nations, has estimated that cross-border flows of global proceeds of financial crimes total between $1 trillion and $ 1.6 trillion a year. Recent critiques by Thomas Piketty like intellectuals express concern about it, attempting to reform this prevailing system. The concerns about increasing Gini coefficients have been seen to reverberate throughout even the official capitalist echelons. Recently India has also been picked up for becoming a country having an increasingly big gulf between the rich-poor divide.

But has all these stopped present day capitalism from such practices?  It has remained as mere lip service or for adoption of reform measures to legalise and sanctify robbery and usurpation. Last year, it was Swiss Leaks, a global list with over 1,100 Indians with secret bank accounts in HSBC Geneva, which shaped the debate over black money parked overseas. This year it is the Panama Papers. 415 Indians are under scanner containing names as big in the established, official ‘white’ money  society as  names of Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwariya Rai, DLF promoter K P Singh, industrialist Gautam Adani’s brother Vinod Adani – capitalists, filmstars, politicians. Speculation and quick money-making through windfall gains and storing the money in tax liberal off-shore havens is the norm of the present times. This endemic disease of capitalist globalised society and the world at large is spreading more and more to which the capitalist states have no answer.

Hence it is from here that one should start the unmasking of further truth about capitalism, its genesis, turning a blind eye to which, there can never be freedom  from corrupt money, property, amassing of wealth usurped from others, whether it be legal or not. Accumulation of wealth by looting and usurping the fruits of labour of others is the rule of the game called capitalism.  In its early years at the start of 20th century in the US there were the investigative journalists who were exposing the corrupt ways of loot of capitalist companies like Standard Oil Co, journalists who were referred by Roosevelt era rulers as “muckrakers”. There were a string of writers Upton Sinclair of The Jungle fame et al who wrote exposing the corrupt capitalist system. And in the 21st century oligarchy through the Occupy Wall Street agitation in the US the masses revealed, the ‘we are the 99%’ raising their voice against the unbridled loot of the giant corporate, and financial oligarchy. In this country also we are witnessing the fleecing of the masses based on unilateral monopoly powers of exorbitant pricing and control over production and market as the Enron electricity production episode, the exploiting agri-business seed and fertilizer global giants or KG-basin like gas pricing and control on production.

So if one is against corruption and fraudulent amassing of wealth at the expense of society, its masses, instead of just running blindly after some red herring of so-called “black money” in the `500 and `1000 currencies demonetization they must question the corporatocracy on which capitalism stands today, and in turn the basis of capitalism which nurtures, protects and goes on promoting its loot and exploitation without which it can never survive. In such a society without questioning the capitalist system and its increasing ‘casino’ character, the gambles and loots that are ruining the masses, without carrying out the ‘surgical strike ‘ against the corporate loot can there ever be any real fight against black money? Won’t the supporters of this demonetization move of Modi regime or those concerned with the harassments of the common masses in unison with the opposition mud-slingers, question these leaders on both sides that why do not they have the courage to utter a word about  the role of the corporates in the black money syndrome created by them? Do we not need to expose these fake crusaders against black- money and the political gimmick of the opposition?



“Vote for Trump, Repudiate the Power Structure!”

Shoirindhry Archrekar

Finally all apprehensions are over – Donald Trump has been ascended to the President of USA. And, it has created a massive furore. The basic question that how could a large section of the US population vote for Trump even after all of those utterly racist-sexist-war mongering howling of his during the election campaigns has annoyed me a lot, like many others across the globe. So as a student of Social Science, I needed a satisfactory reply of my question: what is happening in USA? This article is my blabbering of this question.

But before proceeding further, let’s be sober & honest. We must recognize that living thousands of miles away from the ground reality, there is every possibility of drawing a sweeping conclusion. An all-encompassing reply cannot be made just on the basis of some internet reports. What we at the most can get to is just the tip of the iceberg.

It is the ‘uneducated, low IQ-ed’ Americans who have voted for Trump

This is the most common & popular perception that is being circulated in social media. How far is it from the truth?  I think it has been best replied in the Blog of Robert Reich, the ex-Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration, name of whose most recent book is “Saving Capitalism”! I cannot restrain myself to quote a paragraph from his post-Trump victory article in his Blog.

 “What happened in America Tuesday should not be seen as a victory for hatefulness over decency. It is more accurately understood as a repudiation of the American power structure.

At the core of that structure are the political leaders of both parties, their political operatives, and fundraisers; the major media, centered in New York and Washington DC; the country’s biggest corporations, their top executives, and Washington lobbyists and trade associations; the biggest Wall Street banks, their top officers, traders, hedge-fund and private-equity managers, and their lackeys in Washington; and the wealthy individuals who invest directly in politics.” ( Accessed on Nov 11, 2016)

Repudiation of the power structure! That also recognized not by any hardcore communist, but from none other than a savior of capitalism! What is going on in USA?!!

I feel, two incidents happened in USA in this 21st century have shaken the US working class & toiling masses. One – 9/11, and another – post-2008 economic crisis.

But prior to that, let me move further backward. With the end of World War II, USA emerged as a major super power in the globe & the “Great American Dream” was born. Fall of USSR, and with it the perception that USA as the “indispensible nation” in the “Unipolar world” was born. “Great American Dream” was inflated further. The dream was marketed well among the common working masses, marketed by the American power structure. They were made to believe that in the name of neo-liberalism, their lives are well-secured at the cost of the lives of the billions of poor 3rd world working population!  9/11 & post-2008 “Great Economic Crisis” need to be understood from this perspective.

Validation/criticism of 9/11, its impact etc are altogether a separate story & it is not the place to discuss those questions. What I tried to mean here is that since fall of USSR, thru’ the incident of 9/11 the undisputed political hegemony of USA over the world had for the first time been challenged, and that also in its own homeland. The retaliatory military attack on Iraq by the then Bush administration & subsequent loss of face had further acted as the fly in the ointment of longstanding “Great American Dream”. It appeared to the common toiling American people as shattering of their “Great American Dream” & a sense of betrayal had started to percolate in their psyche.

Then came the tempest on USA – the great financial crisis of 2008. And the subsequent biggest financial bailout in US history. It not only brought disaster in the lives of millions of common working masses of USA, but also the unholy & closest tie up between biggest Corporations, Wall Street Bankers & the political leaders of all colours had suddenly been exposed to them in the broad day-light like never before. It made them further alienated & angry, very angry. Alienation with the system, alienation with the power structure, alienation within the power structure. Anger against unemployment-poverty-homelessness. Anger against the unholy alliances which devastated their lives. Anger for shattering of “The Great American Dream”.

But how could this anger would be channelized towards “Repudiate the System” when history of struggle, organization and direction have long been absent in the society! Still the anger was so strong that it was expressed, expressed spontaneously thru’ the slogan of “We’re 99%”, expressed thru’ “OCCUPY WALL STREET”. After a long time, American working masses took to the streets. But without the preparation-organisation & direction, it could not advance. The process of alienation with the system could not advance towards repudiation of the system, rather it was soon replaced with frustration & despair.

Meanwhile, the power structure left no stone unturned to recover themselves from “Great Economic Crisis”. As on 2016, it is no dispute that – ok, post-2008 situation exists no more, but still it is far below from pre-2008. Existing power structure tried hard to make the US working population buy that “all is well”, but actually something seriously was rotting in USA. So we see that,

  Barack Obama boasted in last February:

“The United States of America, right now, has the strongest, most durable economy in the world. We’re in the middle of the longest streak of private sector job creation in history. More than 14 million new jobs, the strongest two years of job growth since the ‘90s, an unemployment rate cut in half. … And we’ve done all this while cutting our deficits by almost three-quarters.” ( Accessed on Nov 11, 2016)

According to Govt figure, unemployment rate is impressive, just around 5%. But while almost at the same time Obama made the above statement, Trump retorted:

“Don’t believe those phony numbers when you hear 4.9 and 5 percent unemployment,” … “The number’s probably 28, 29, as high as 35. In fact, I even heard recently 42 percent.” ( Accessed on Nov 11, 2016)

Let us now see an observation about both the comments. According to one observer,

“To be clear, Trump’s 42% claim is a lie. But for the millions of Americans working low-wage or temporary jobs or suffering from long-term unemployment, it feels like the truth.” ( Accessed on Nov 11, 2016)

Let us dig a bit deeper into this devastating story.

“Today, the group (National Employment Law Project – author) notes, there are almost 2 million fewer middle-class and higher wage jobs than there were before the Great Recession. … The share of Americans who see themselves as middle class today has never been this low, plunging to 44% from 53% in 2008, according to a Pew Research Survey this year. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals many of the sectors that will shed thousands of jobs in the coming decade.” ( Accessed on Nov 11, 2016).  

Above observer of New York Post has summed up the problem in this way: “You are left with the very high-end incomes and the low-end service incomes — and nothing in between”. All these are the basis of the millions of Americans, the campaign of Trump of 42% unemployment “feels like the truth”. And, not only that when Trump retorted that immigrants should be thrown away of USA, it sounded sweet to the ears of white working class Americans & they voted en masse to Trump.

Why immigrants? Because, a large portion of the jobs with low income without any security have been shifted in the hands of the migrant workers. Let’s look into some government statistics,

  • “In 2015, there were 26.3 million foreign-born persons in the U.S. labor force, comprising 16.7 percent of the total.
  • Hispanics accounted for 48.8 percent of the foreign-born labor force in 2015 and Asians accounted for 24.1 percent.
  • Foreign-born workers were more likely than native-born workers to be employed in service occupations; natural resources, construction, and maintenance occupations; and production, transportation, and material moving occupations. Native-born workers were more likely than foreign-born workers to be employed in management, professional, and related occupations and sales and office occupations.
  • The median usual weekly earnings of foreign-born full-time wage and salary workers were $681 in 2015, compared with $837 for their native-born counterparts.” ( Accessed on Nov 11, 2016)

Same is applicable for the problem of homelessness.

We may also look into another apparently unconnected statistics, but which speaks for itself. As on this day,

“Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18% of the population.” (Source: National Institute of Mental Health)

And, a large section of them are affected by “Social Anxiety Disorder”!

Anyway, let us move back again in 2012, when the preliminary tremors that had been created by OWS had more or less been subsided, but the basic problems of the lives of the common working population had further been aggravated. So what next? There remain only two options. Either, they must advance for complete overhauling the old system, replace it with a new one, or waiting for a messiah to appear, who’ll help them to recreate their broken dreams. There is almost no scope for the first option, at least for the immediate future. Existing power structure survives on the basis of one basic parameter – majority must be dominated with the power of the existing state structure, so that exploitation of the minority can be continued (in case of USA, and not only in US, but also in case of countries like UK-Germany or France etc, this exploitation of the minority can be continued over the global majority) without any hindrance. And, this power structure needs to be confronted & combated globally, on the united strength of the toiling masses.  Some sort of partial movement of the amorphous masses like OWS encompassing a comparatively very small section in a small part of the world is nowhere to combat this demon. Under the circumstance, the only option available to them is praying for arrival for some messiah who’ll at least voice their anger-desparation & frustration.

And, Trump appears to a majority of this section of the population as such a messiah. He has been able to convey them that,

this is their chance! To stick to ALL of them, all who wrecked their American Dream! And now The Outsider, Donald Trump, has arrived to clean house! You don’t have to agree with him! You don’t even have to like him! He is your personal Molotov cocktail to throw right into the center of the bastards who did this to you! SEND A MESSAGE! TRUMP IS YOUR MESSENGER! ( Accessed on Nov 11, 2016)

And, he has succeeded. The trump card for Donald Trump, I believe, is he is an outsider of this existing power structure, as because  American working population has lost all faith on those who are directly involved in the power structure.   Anyway, it needs to be understood that “uneducated-low IQ Americans voted for Trump” is not just over-simplification, this view is utterly subjective & in that way, racial. Win of Trump is rebellion in a negative form against all those who till date dominated present American political power structure, a rebellion against the plundering of the American economic & political elites made during last 25 years.

But, does that mean Trump will serve the interests of the common people, and not of the US economic & political elites? Finally, Trump is not just an individual, he has represented Republican Party & it was Ronald Regan, a Republican President, who was the main propagator of the policies of NEO-LIBERALISM, who said, “Unemployment insurance is a pre-paid vacation for freeloaders”, and not only that, made the famous war-cry, “When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat”! So much explanation is not needed to establish that Trump is a representative of US economic & political elite & is destined to serve only their interest. How much louder be the shouting of Trump against Ford Motors during Michigan Primary election that if they would go ahead with their planned closure of that factory and move it to Mexico, he would slap a 35% tariff on any Mexican-built cars shipped back to the United States, no one is going to believe that he insists scrapping the treaty of NAFTA; or when he tossed in his threat to Apple that he would force them to stop making their iPhones in China and build them here in America, no one, I feel, is going to believe him; the simple reason being that it would go against the present policies of US economic elites. So, none of basic policies serving the US economic & political elites are going to be scrapped, at most some apparent modifications to deceive the masses may happen.

So, we need to be more watchful about the future course of developments to be going on in USA. However, one thing is certain. Whatever be the future course of actions of Trump, it will only alienate & aggravate further US working population. And, that will create further turbulence in American society. How the people handle the situation, whether they would seek the resolution through polarization of society in the racist/communal/sexist line, or they would strive for resolution thru’ the path of united struggle & organisation, will be clear to us in the coming days. And definitely that will not be a very distant future.

Present war-like situation and propagation of communal ideas in the garb of patriotism – Do not intellectuals have a duty to oppose?

In the last few months, gradually a war-like situation has developed around us. The Indo-Pak relation has been going through many ups and downs. It was not long when the relation between the governments of these two neighbours seemed very warm and hearty. Narendra Modi invited the Pakistani PM, Nawaz Sharif along with the leaders of other SAARC countries in his swearing-in ceremony as the PM of India. There had been an exchange of shawl and Sari between the two. After that these two leaders met a number of times. The most interesting and talked incident among those meetings was the sudden dropping of Modi in Lahore. Then it seemed that was going well between these two neighbours – the enmity seemed merely to be a thing of past. Suddenly, the situation has changed completely — 180 degrees. These two neighbours are now spitting venom against each other. After the attack on Army camp situated in Uri of Kashmir, there was tremendous pressure on the government to retaliate. The Indian government had claimed retaliation through the surgical strikes on the launch-pads of terrorists along the LOC. After those strikes, even those who were virulent critic of Modi started to heap praise on him. Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal congratulated Modi – ‘yes, it has been really an action worthy of a PM’, they said. There is a line in a Bengali poem of Tagore, “Babu joto bole, parishaddole bole tar shotogun”. (the supporters shout louder than the leader). The supporters of government are crying hoarse against all Pakistani people, even if they are not remotely connected with the terrorists or even the Pakistani government. All Pakistani artists have been banned. If somebody says that the Pakistani artists should be kicked out of the country, another is shouting that they should be hit with shoes. Somebody is saying that whoever is questioning the authenticity of surgical strikes is a traitor.

What has changed the situation so dramatically? One may say that the attack on Uri camp exposed the role of terrorists harboured by Pakistani government in launching attacks on Indian establishments. Then it can be asked, why the government and their supporters did not act in the same manner after the Pathankot attack? Indian government is claiming and has claimed before that the Pakistani government supports, helps Islamic terrorist organizations. Then why the Indian government tried to create the atmosphere of peace and fraternity during the initial period of Modi government? Nawaz Sharif is not a new player in this game that the Indian government may expect something different from the Pakistani government of Nawaz Sharif. Then why did the Modi government made bonhomie with Sharif government previously and now is spitting venom against it? Is it the mass agitation of Kashmiri people behind the change of tactics of Modi government? The agitation of Kashmiri people against Indian Army and Indian government was escalating for some time and had become intense after the killing of Burhan Wani. Every day thousands of youth are coming onto the street with stones to pelt on the Indian Army. The Indian government has not been able to quell the agitation with their intense and brutal torture. Rather, the torture of the Army has helped to engulf newer and newer region with the fire of agitation. The Pakistani government was also doing their bit to stoke the fire and also use the situation in their favour.  They were raising uncomfortable questions in international forums against the Indian government. The attack on Uri camp has given the Indian government a weapon to divert attention from the agitation of Kashmiri people. There was a Bengali poem, “jokhon manush chay bostro o khadya, simante beje othe judhdher badyo.” (When people demand food and clothing, war cry is drummed up in the border). The lines were written during a period when the class struggle was in ascendancy and the ruling classes tried to divert the people with the ultra-nationalist slogans creating a war frenzy. The present situation may not be same, but the similarity cannot be missed. The war situation has been cleverly created to divert attention from the movement of Kashmiri people.

The rulers are creating the situation of peace and war to suit their interests. It is natural that when the voices of people are muted due to their inactivity, passivity, absence of struggle, the government and their ideologues and intellectuals supporting the governments can create or change from peace to war according to their necessity. When in the early phase of the Modi government, the government issued signals of peace that was not due to any change of heart of Narendra Modi or RSS-BJP combine. That was because of the interest of trade and business of Indian capitalists. That interest is still there. However, the situation in Kashmir necessitated some change in situation. So, the intellectuals those who are supporting the government are treading cautiously. They are supporting the government for its aggressive posture, but also cautioning the government to control the hardliners so that situation does not grow to a full-scale war. It is more or less clear that the government needs a war like situation, not a full scale war.

Questions have been raised even from the camp of the intellectuals who broadly support the present system of governance that surgical strikes will not deter Pakistan from supporting terrorist forces. As long as the situation of Kashmir will remain volatile, Pakistan will try to use the conflict between Indian government and Kashmiri people for their own benefit. They did not mention that the situation of Kashmir is the creation of Indian ruling class. And it is also a fact the policy of Indian government, especially of the BJP governments is helping Islamic fundamentalist and terrorist forces by their pro- Hindutva activities. So, not only the Pakistan government is abetting the fundamentalist and terrorist forces, the Indian Government is also responsible for its growth. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango.

The war mongering has begun to influence common people. It may be true that it has not still become war hysteria. But, if in the coming days the war mongering grows further then the “wave of patriotism” which is still somewhat feeble will become much stronger. However, the cost of the war or any war preparation will have to be borne by the people. Recently the government of India has made an agreement to purchase 36 French Rafale warplanes at the cost of `0000. Where the money will come from? Who else other than the tax payments of the common people? All governments, be it the UPA or present NDA, have reduced the govt expenditure in the social sector on the plea of paucity of funds. The MNREGA project, also popularly known as 100 days work project has been all but withdrawn. Subsidies in petroleum products have been gradually curtailed increasing price of petroleum products. But, the government is incurring huge cost in modernizing the defence establishment. The government has repeatedly stated that it has got paucity of funds. So, who will pay for these defence expenditures. Does it not mean that the people will have to pay for these war preparations, keeping themselves in hunger. Who will gain from these defence deals? We have heard that Anil Ambani’s Reliance is a partner of the Rafale deal. It is difficult to assume that he is doing this for the sake of patriotism. He will make huge profit from these deals. Can anybody deny that? Who else will be benefitted? The ministers and politicians, and even some of the high-ranking Army officers have been found in the past to be involved in allegations of corruption in defence deals of huge amount – be it Bofors or Scorpene Submarine or AugustaWestland Helicopters. Do not these sections also benefit from these war mongering and war preparations.

Someone may say that we should bring down corruption, but for the sake of safety and security of this country we must incur these expenditures. They may add that if we do not tighten our security then Pakistan or other enemy countries like China may encroach upon our borders. Will it be desirable?

It is indeed peculiar that those who seem to be very much concerned about sovereignty of our country and very much eager to show their patriotism, their patriotism begins and ends in conflict with Pakistan only. When the interests of our nation are sold to the imperialist powers we do not find these patriots. The concept of Indian nationalism developed through struggle against British Imperialism. The then nationalists fought to emancipate the country and nation from the imperialist oppression. In that fight who compromised to what extent is altogether a separate question. At least, the main aspect of their nationalism was the opposition to imperialism. Their nationalism had another aspect. That was the development of concept of Indian nationalism and also the development of language and culture of different nationalities of the then India.

Now our country is not a colony. Does that change the whole meaning of nationalism? Those who are eager to prove their credentials as patriots, their patriotism means only opposition to Pakistan, not only opposition to the policies of Ruling class of Pakistan, but opposition to everything of Pakistan, even their common people. Their patriotism means supporting Indian teams in playing grounds, that support should be more vigorous if the opponent team is from Pakistan. If they want to show their patriotism it is their affair. However, dangerous thing is that to them raising any question about this definition of patriotism, raising any question about the role of Indian ruling class is anti-nationalist. Yet, the ruling classes of our country are selling the interests of this county to the imperialists – that does not raise any question in their mind. The ruling classes are selling of our natural resources at dirt cheap prices – that does not appear to them as anti-nationalist or treachery to the nation. The rulers are receiving huge kickbacks even in deals related with defence – that also does not appear as treachery to the nation. The rulers of this country has sold off our economy to the foreign imperialists and due to that many indigenous industries have died or dying – that is also not treachery to the nation. All their patriotic ideas are related to opposition to Pakistan only. Naturally, their definition of patriotism is very much coloured with communalism. To be precise it is not patriotism, but communalism in the garb of patriotism. What else it could have been? Because, the ideological proponent of this nationalism is Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh or RSS who never participated in the struggle against British imperialism in the pre-independence era.

The main danger of such so-called patriotic elements is that they do not tolerate any criticism of their idea of patriotism. If anybody raises any question about their definition of patriotism to them that person will become traitor and for that ‘offence’ that person will have to be thrown into jail. Does it not mean curtailment of democracy?  Does it not manifest fascist tendency?

Such idea of RSS is not new. It will be fanciful to think that their thinking can be changed. But, what is worrisome is that they are being able to influence a good number of people with their ideas.  Especially such periods of war mongering are fertile time for the propagation of their ideas. Advancement of these forces cannot be prevented if we are not able to free the minds of common people from this rubbish. It cannot be done by a fiery speech. It demands a continuous effort through which we will be able to raise some questions among the thoughtful people and at least a section of people will be made free from these ideas. Can we take some steps in this direction? We will be waiting in anticipation of positive responses.